Monday, February 25, 2008

The Guest Blogging Experiment

There was a big difference in the style between the guest post and my own posts. For one the content was very different, I pretty much talk about the money that I make from flipping cars. But the guest blogger talks about the car it self like what it stand for. The sentence that the guest used were much more complexes than mine. I try to stay away from complex sentences because when I try to use complex sentence structures I use them incorrectly. The word usage is one of the biggest differences in style, whether the writer uses sophisticated words or just uses word fillers in order to make the post longer. For example the guest post on “my office space” was very different in style. Anyone could tell that the author of the post was not the author of the blog. The sentence structure so different as well, the way the guest blogger worded his sentences was much to different than author of the blog.

What this means to me, to have this post on my blog is that I have a new perspective on how to shape this blog. When I picked this topic, flipping cars for a profit, I thought I had to write only about how I flip cars and what to do right and what to do. From having this post on my blog, I can talk about the cars them self. Not just about my experiences in flipping cars. I can talk about the cars performances, and also find some other information about the cars them self and put it on the blog to help the readers understand the vehicle much better.

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